Dragon Ball Super Card Game
About The Game

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game is a collectable card game published by Bandai. It comprises of a large range of characters extending across the 35 year history of the Dragon Ball franchise.

Launched in 2017, the game features easy to learn rules, alongside challenging mechanics and interactions. Relive the epic battles of Goku, Vegeta, and friends firsthand, immersing yourself in the Dragon Ball universe through a mixture of artwork taken straight from the animation, and special CG illustrations exclusive to the game.

How To Play

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game is a competitive trading card game for two players. Build decks containing 1 Leader Card and 50 Battle Cards/Extra Cards, then challenge your opponent and try to emerge victorious.

There are 3 types of cards:

  • Leader Cards - these cards are the core of your deck. They're placed on the field at the beginning of the game. Leader Cards are designed with CG illustrations and are Double-sided.
  • Battle Cards - these cards are essential to battle. Select from a huge cast of characters to assist your leader in battle. Battle Cards are designed with Anime illustrations.
  • Extra Cards - powerful cards to take control of the game. Use them to expand your battle strategies. Extra Cards are designed with Anime illustrations.

Card Types

The first player to deal enough damage to the opponent's Leader Card and reduce its life to zero wins the game.

For a detailed breakdown of the rules and gameplay phases, visit the rules section of the official Dragon Ball Super Card Game website.

For Retailers

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Is your store interested in growing its very own Dragon Ball Super Card Game community? Below is an overview of the key product types to help with placing orders and running organised play:

  • Booster Packs / Displays - This is where you'll want to start! As the core Dragon Ball Super Card Game product, these are released once every three months. Both new and current players will require cards from these random packs in order to build decks.
  • Starter Deck Set - These are pre-assembled decks that are playable straight out of the box. While great for beginners, current players will also wish to purchase Starter Decks as they include five exclusive cards unavailable elsewhere.
  • Expert Deck Set - Designed with the advanced player in mind, these pre-constructed decks contain 10 exclusive cards and a booster pack.
  • Pre-release kits - Each new set has its own pre-release tournaments one week before the release date. Ordering a pre-release kit along with newly released products will help grow store communities and generate excitement for upcoming sets.

Organised play is a vital part of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game, as it brings about community engagement and helps increase business opportunities for retail stores. In Australia and New Zealand, TAK Games are the coordinators for organised play.

Some benefits for becoming an organised play store include:

  • Hosting pre-release events
  • Free promotional material including tournament prizes, alternate art cards, playmats, sleeves, etc.
  • Early release dates for Dragon Ball Super Card Game products

If your store is interested in hosting tournaments and events for the Dragon Ball Super Card Game, you can use this form to register.