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Website Issues

Q - Who do I contact if I'm having issues with logging in or my password?
A - If the password reset is not working for you, send an email to

Q - Who do I contact if the website is slow or I am unable to complete my order?
A - For any feedback on website responsiveness, or feature requests, please contact

Q - Who do I contact if there is a problem with pricing/description/pictures of an item?
A - Please email with details of the problem and we can help!

Products and Orders

Q - How do I cancel an order?
A - Retailers are welcome to cancel sales orders they’ve placed with Let’s Play Games by contacting their account manager. Please be aware that once a sales order has been processed by dispatch, for operational reasons, it can no longer be cancelled. Any cancellations or reductions must be made before the order is sent to the warehouse for dispatch.

Q - How do I find out when an item is due?
A - Unfortunately we don't always have an exact date of when stock will arrive due to shipping delays, customs etc however we do include what month the stock is due to give you an idea. Once we do find out a date we will update the item, and you can find this in an item's ETA field.

Q - How do I get information on the status of my order?
A - Please call or email your account manager. The number for our main office is (02) 8763 0855.

Q - How do I find out what I have on order?
A - This information can now be found under the My Account page on the Let's Play Games website, under My Backorders. This will show all the orders we currently have in the system. If you have an issues with your orders, please contact your account manager.

Q - How do I order Fantasy Flight Organised Play Kits?
A - Fantasy Flight Games provide quarterly Organised Play Kits for the following games:

  • Netrunner LCG
  • Game of Thrones LCG
  • Star Wars LCG
  • Star Wars X Wing
  • Star Wars Armada
  • Star Wars Imperial Assault
  • Star Wars Destiny
  • Legend of the Five Rings

Solicitations occur between 4-6 months before the kits are released. Once the announcement is made via the newsletter and our secret Facebook page, the only way to order these kits is via email to before the closing date. Fantasy Flight also post on their site when kits are available for solicitation.

Orders for quarterly kits are binding. We only order the amount we have orders for, so additional kits are usually not available (though it never hurts to ask).

Q - How do I choose Let's Play Games as a distributor for Magic the Gathering pre-releases?
A - For each event and product release you will be asked by the Wizards Event Reporter (WER) software to sanction, when you do this please select LPG from the drop down menu. Wizards will then send out an order form via email.

There is an option to choose LPG as your distributor on this form as well - please return the order form by the due date. Once Wizards receives all order forms, they will advise LPG that we are your distributor. When LPG receives your allocation from Wizard's the order is placed into our system and you receive an email notification of the order.

Q - How does it work with WPN only products from Wizards of the Coast?
A - Sometimes Wizards releases stock that are for WPN stores only. You can choose LPG as your distributor when Wizards send out the order form advising allocations. Once LPG has received all allocations we will distribute on behalf of Wizards. Sometimes LPG also receives an allocation to sell online but stock is minimal.

Payment of Goods

Q - How can I pay for my goods?
A -


  • New Customers - Payment is by credit card - please contact our invoicing team on (02) 8763 0855.
  • Existing Customers - Credit card payments will be made at time of packing.
      Payment is via direct deposit.
      Account Name: Lets Play Games Pty Ltd
      Account: BSB 082080
      Account Number: 773553803

Q - I have an issue with my Account - who do I contact?
A - All account enquiries should be sent to


Q - I want to register a serious complaint, how do I do this?
A - Email or call the office on (02) 8763 0855 and ask to speak to him directly.

Q - I've received damaged or missing stock in my order, what do I do?
A - Please contact your account manager with your invoice number and details of the issue. Please also provide pictures of the issue where possible.