LPG Tournament Crokinole Board

LPG Crokinole

The classic flicking table game!

Originating from Canada, players flick discs to score the most points! Designed to follow the World Crokinole Championship specifications:

26” (66cm) diameter playing surface
Distance from centre to post circle is 4” (102 mm)
Distance from post circle to 10/5 circles is 4” (102 mm)
Distance from 10/5 circle to start line is 4” (102 mm)
Start area spacing is 1” (25/5mm)
32mm flat discs

The back of the board is textured to prevent table scratches. Additional caps for the posts are also included.

Internal packaging is foam secured for added protection during transit.


  • 1x Crokinole Board
  • 13x Dark Flat Discs
  • 13x Light Flat Discs
  • 8x Peg Caps

LPG Wooden Folding Chess /Checkers / Backgammon Set
30cm / 35cm / 40cm

Three games in one!

Let’s Play Games introduces their wooden folding Chess, Checkers and Backgammon set! Made of durable wood, this set has three eternal classic games in one package.

Includes wooden pieces for Chess and Backgammon and a folding board that makes it easy to play outdoors or travel with. Packs and stores easily and protects its pieces.

The piece design is Staunton with a King height of 61mm.

This product is available in 3 different sizes:
30cm board - LPG CH30A
35cm board - LPG CH35A
40cm board - LPG CH40A

LPG Chess


  • 1x Set of Light Brown Chess Pieces
  • 1x Set of Dark Brown Chess Pieces
  • 15x Light Brown Backgammon Discs
  • 15x Dark Brown Backgammon Discs
  • 4x Dice
  • 1x Numbered Dice
  • 1x Set of Rules for Chess/Checkers/Backgammon

LPG Skittle Toss

LPG Skittle Toss

The classic garden game!

A popular pastime, play skittle toss on almost any surface, including grass and sand!

The game features lightweight wooden pieces that players of all ages and strengths can easily pick up and play.


  • 12x Pins
  • 1x Throwing Skittle

LPG Wooden Folding Backgammon Case

An original classic!

Backgammon is the eternal ancient board game.

Made of solid wood and containing large pieces, this Backgammon set is the perfect addition and entry point into the game. A smooth wooden finish accentuates this classic design, and the wooden constructed handle makes it easy to carry.

Portable and ready to be played anywhere!

LPG Wooden Backgammon


  • 16x Light Brown Backgammon Discs
  • 16x Dark Brown Backgammon Discs
  • 4x Dice
  • 4x Numbered Dice
  • 1x Set of Rules for Backgammon