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How to Use Your LPG Stock Feed

Let’s Play Games supplies a stock feed to our customers that contains a detailed list of all our currently offered products.

This stock feed is regenerated at 8am and 8pm every day.

Do any of these apply to you?

  • You want to automate your buying / selling process from Let’s Play Games
  • You want to open a new online store and need product data to populate it
  • You have an established online store and want to stay up-to-date with new items
  • You want to sync your inventory levels / pricing with ours in your store / POS
  • You are looking to dramatically increase your product range

If so, we recommend stock feed integration. This can be done in two main ways:

  1. Direct upload of our stock feed into your ecommerce store
  2. Development work to automate the syncing of our stock feed with your ecommerce store / POS

Click an icon below to learn more about your ecommerce platform's product import process.

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We at LPG are committed to making this integration process as easy as we can for our customers. If you need information our stock feed doesn’t contain, reach out to your Account Manager and we’ll assess a solution.

Below is a detailed list of the content of the stock feed. Please read this carefully before integrating this information into your website.

Stock Feed Contents

The stock feed is encoded in UTF-8, and is in a comma-delimited file format. Fields may be added over time, but existing fields are permanently fixed. The fields with an *asterisk may not always include data.

  • item_number - our unique identifier
    • the single source of truth for each item
    • if mapping to LPG items, use this as the mapping key
    • this number will never change
  • name - the item's name
    • uses LPG's naming structure
  • image_path - the URL for the item's primary image
    • if none exists, this value will be no_image
  • rrp - the recommended retail price of the item
    • this value may be 0 for some items, due to special request from the item publisher
  • *game_family - the family of games that this item belongs to
    • e.g. D&D, Catan, etc
  • *description - the item description in raw HTML
  • *barcode - the item barcode
  • *manufacturer_sku - the item SKU
  • qty_available - the quantity currently in stock of the item.
    • this number is capped at 99
  • availability - the availability status of the item
    • either Available, Back-Order, or Pre-Order
  • categories - the categories that LPG has mapped the product to on our website
    • separated by commas
    • displayed as a tree structure, with the parent on the leftmost node and the child on the rightmost node
    • LPG is the root node
    • e.g. item in the Dice category will have a category tree of LPG/Dice & Accessories/Dice
  • *publisher - the item's primary publisher
  • *eta - the estimated arrival of our next shipment of the product
    • items with an ETA of 09/09/2033 have an unconfirmed arrival date
  • *boardgamegeek_id - the BoardGameGeek ID of the product
    • this field is no longer populated for new products
  • price_ex_gst - your cost price minus GST
  • price_inc_gst - your cost price including GST
  • processed_at - the date this stock feed was last updated
  • core_product - whether LPG considers this item a core product
    • either No, Core Products, or Core Products Expanded
  • discontinued - is this item discontinued
    • either Yes or No.
  • saleable_to_customer - whether this item can be resold onto your retail customers
    • either Yes or No
  • lpg_url - the url to the item's product page on our website
  • estimated_release_date - the release date of the item
    • can be in the format dd.mm.yy e.g. 25.03.20,
    • can be a text description e.g. May 2020
  • available_incoming_stock - the quantity of stock we have incoming that hasn't been ordered yet
    • capped at 99
    • useful for sale of preorder products, as LPG doesn't list stock levels until the product arrives